Your friendly open-source budget book.

Use piggytracker to track your expenses and plan your budget. You can also group-up and sync with your friends and family. To ensure you are not overspending on those vegan burgers again.

Our story

Piggytracker is the result of years of being mad at google spreadsheets. Prior to creating this app, my wife and I were using a spreadsheet to track our expenses. Which was very cumbersome especially on mobile devices.

The idea was to track our expenses (e.g. groceries, gas, chemists, eating out, gifts, public transport) in order to hit a pre-defined budget. Although I am pretty good at spreadsheets, inserting new data on the go was a pain and visualizing the state of our budget was also far from user friendly.

After several years of taking this pain for granted, I finally gave in and started development on this app to help.


Track Expenses

Store all your expenses. Categorize spendings and attribute them to a remunerator.

Plan Budget

Plan your budget on a monthly basis. You can set a fixed amount for each category.

Monitor Spending

Easily monitor how much you spent on a given category versus your budget at every second.

Group up

Easily group up with multiple friends or family members and share all your expenses and targets.

We want you to try it!

Get started now by joining piggytracker today. You can start using piggytracker and tracking your expenses on our server. That would be an option. You can consider, yes. But also, you can just host piggytracker on your own server or browse the source-code. You can head over to our github repository now and install our software to have total control over all your data.

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